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Emma and Dan Perritano are from Erie, PA. They have been long distance walking and competing together for almost ten years. Since 2014, their journeys have taken them all over the country, including walks across the entire states of Colorado, Vermont, and Pennsylvania in Emma’s customized running chair. Emma had a cerebral hemorrhage shortly after birth. She has cerebral palsy, experiences seizures, is non-verbal, and has other developmental delays. All that aside, Emma is happy, communicative, and joyous. Emma lives with her parents and is an integral part of planning and executing their long-distance walks together. Dan is a retired NCAA Division III college soccer coach with over 600 career wins. He has coached both men and women and taken his teams on multiple international trips. His proudest accomplishment has been establishing a The Outreach Program in Soccer (TOPS) in Erie, PA. This program partners college students with individuals of all ages with disabilities to have fun playing soccer and reaching their physical potential. TOPS has run for over 20 years benefiting hundreds of participants. Together, Emma and Dan have laughed, suffered, cried, competed, and walked thousands of miles. Their story is compelling and has helped various nonprofit organizations raise thousands of dollars along the way. They look forward to sharing the lessons they have learned on the road with elementary and high school students through stories, music, pictures, and videos.

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