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Emma & Dan's Journey

Emma and Dan Perritano's inspiring journey of resilience, spanning thousands of miles of long-distance walks and the creation of an inclusive soccer program, demonstrates the profound impact of determination and community engagement in overcoming personal and developmental challenges.

Be Your Best Self Every Day - Father & Daughter Lessons on Foot…and Wheels

Do your students have all the tools they need to persist through difficult times? Do they approach challenges with dread instead of enthusiasm? Are they afraid to ask for help? Come along with Dan and his daughter, Emma, as they share lessons learned from more than a decade on the road. Students will discover the skills that Emma and Dan use to complete their walks; gain an understanding of how to set and achieve goals; discover strategies to get the most out of themselves everyday; and learn positive actions that will help flip a bad attitude to a good attitude.

Ryan Smith
Founder of Grady’s Decision in Erie, Pa

"Emma and Dan have tremendous experiences to share with your school. Their partnership and time together on the road combined with their energetic and enthusiastic attitude will hit home with your students. Time with these two will be time well spent."
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